From Cindy…

As part of the follow-up report for the V-Day campaign, I asked the cast to detail how the project impacted their lives (if they wished to contribute). Once again, these women blew me away. Their testimonials were so heartfelt and beautiful, I asked if I could share them. It’s easy to understand the positive impact that our fundraising had on our beneficiary organization, but it’s hard to grasp how the making of the actual production greatly influenced the lives of those involved.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting some of the cast testimonials, I encourage you to leave a comment. We’d love to hear your feedback! -Andrea
Cindy’s Testimonial:
This project has been a beautiful treasure in my life. Graduating from an all-women hight school and being a woman’s studies minor in college, I have never under-estimated the power of ‘women in groups.’ Yet, as an adult I have made less opportunities to – see such a thing in action!! Our cast was simply – love. As a whole, we were an open book within our group and onward. We shared stories of hardship and of happiness- we truly became a UNIT. And our respect for each other made everything that we did on stage all that more poignant.
The Monologues themselves were also life-changing– I felt as though we really got to know them women who owned those memories. And our audience got to know those women too… hopefully, shedding permanent light on issues they would have felt distant from otherwise. Through the Vagina Monologues- I came to love my vagina! I never had a problem with her… but now, gosh- she’s got much more personality!!
I believe much of this production’s success can be attributed to our director, Andrea Bertola.. From the 1st minute, she fostered an environment of love, safety, support and even-affection. Our director, Andrea Bertola, walked us through activities at the top of every rehearsal- which reminded us why we were there- who we were there for- what we were hoping to accomplish…both for ourselves and for women across the globe. Andrea Bertola’s vision for this show excited us!! She made us feel alive and important- she taught us to believe in our RALLY and that if our words could affect one audience member, we were accomplished. I think Andrea Bertola’s approachable, current vision for the show- screams how talented she is as a director, a creative visionary, and a medium between experience and art. I am so proud to have worked with this director- she, and her vagina, are very special!
-Cindy Keenan