Letters from the Board of viBe Theater Experience.

Here are some emails I received from the Board of viBe Theater Experience in response to the money we raised via our Epic Talent Show….

Letter #1

“ANDREA!!! The energy is still a-buzz from last night’s talent show. You all indeed delivered the “EPIC”! You and your AH-MAZING team’s hard word, organization drive and passion for viBe clearly inspired everyone in the room. We are so thrilled and so humbled by your innovation and charge to mobilize so many people. We thank you! And please too share our most viBrant gratitude with your POWERHOUSE team!”

Letter #2

“Woohoo!!! nicely done, Andrea! You raise the bar every time you leave your house. Last night was a spectacular event – I’m not sure I’ll ever listen to “single ladies” in quite the same way. Such fun and energy. AWESOMENESS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

Letter #3

“Kudos to Andrea and her team of amazing folk for creating such a terrific event for vibe – Thank you so much for your dedication and enthusiasm.”

Letter #4

“Andrea! Last night’s event was fantastic and joyful!  I had a BALL!  While there was certainly a wide diversity of talent on stage, the truth is the top talent of the night was you and your crew of organizers off stage. viBe is so fortunate to have your talent, creativity and enthusiasm – and of course your fundraising prowess! Many thanks for a job well done!”

Letter #5

“Dear Andrea: On behalf of the Board, our staff, and all the viBeGirls past and present, I’d like to thank you for your phenomenal work! Last night’s event was not only PACKED, but the show itself was unlike anything I have ever seen! …Your hard work and dedication to making last night’s event a success are greatly appreciated. Our viBrant thanks to you and your amazing team!!”