Why should you support viBe?

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Why should you support viBe?

Our V-Day production of the Vagina Monologues at HERE will benefit viBe Theater Experience, a non-profit performing arts/ education organization that produces original, free theater, music and videos about real-life issues written and performed by under-served teen girls.

So far, our online fundraising campaign has raised $1,195.

We’re now 24% to our goal! 

Why should you support viBe?

Toya Lillard, Executive Director for viBe Theater Experience, shared these statistics with me….

90% of viBe participants are girls of color from under-resourced communities with poorly performing public schools. 70% live in single-parent households. Many lack the resources to pay for tutoring and arts programs that can inform their studies and bolster their self-esteem.  A 2012 NEA study on arts engagement found that more than half the students from low income families with exposure to the arts went on to pursue careers in law, public service, and education.  viBe engages girls through theater and activism, where they find the freedom to explore and address the issues most important to them, and are provided the platform to share their ideas, experiences and solutions.They come to our organization from over 20 public high schools and countless social service organizations throughout New York City, hungry for opportunities to create and perform their own work. Girls attend our tryouts (held multiple times in Fall, Winter and Summer), seeking to find their passion through work in the arts.  At our fall 2012 tryouts, we asked two girls why they wanted to be a part of viBe; returning girl Shervon said, “I found out acting is my passion,” and new viBe girl Kenisha said, “I thought it would be good and helpful for me…I want to create my own shows.” Each viBe program provides girls with the support they need to talk about the issues they face daily in their homes, their schools and their communities.

Gaining these fundamental emotional and academic skills leads to quantifiable outcomes. In 2012 NYC public schools had a 65.5% graduation rate, yet viBe participants have consistently maintained a 100% high school graduate rate. viBe participants also enjoy a college enrollment rate of over 90%. Over 90% of viBe girls enroll in college, attending such universities as: St. John’s, NYU, Syracuse, Temple, Hunter, Simmons and more. In the future, we aim to inspire 100% of them to enroll in college through the mentorship we provide them during and after our programs. More than half of our alumnae over 10 years remain in touch with us, and attend performances and alumnae events. They also volunteer, intern and lecture for current viBe girls. Success is demonstrated by outcomes: the stories, reactions and accomplishments our girls achieve as a result of participating in our programs and the impact they have on their communities. Sustaining the work of a small theater company dedicated to amplifying the voices of underserved girls in New York City is no easy task. In these especially challenging economic times, providing our girls with a safe, creative environment, and the support that they need to “speak truth to power” in their stories requires the support of our entire community. This is why we ask you to considera gift to viBe Theater Experience. A gift of any amount will help us to sustain our programs in 2013, and move closer to our goal of serving more girls.

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