From Justine…

As part of the follow-up report for the V-Day campaign, I asked the cast to detail how the project impacted their lives (if they wished to contribute). Once again, these women blew me away. Their testimonials were so heartfelt and beautiful, I asked if I could share them. It’s easy to understand the positive impact that our fundraising had on our beneficiary organization, but it’s hard to grasp how the making of the actual production greatly influenced the lives of those involved.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting some of the cast testimonials, I encourage you to leave a comment. We’d love to hear your feedback! -Andrea
Justine’s Testimonial:
Dear Andrea,
Words can’t really express what this experience means to me. I walked into the audition a scared girl and walked out of our last performance a confident woman. We, as a cast, promoted an atmosphere of love and support. That could not have happened without your eternal positivity, purpose, and drive. We WERE the examples of how to combat violence against women- by building other women up, accepting them, rooting for them, and loving them- when so many people are trying to do the opposite to women.
As a director, you allowed me to make mistakes while making me feel like a rock star when I succeeded. I couldn’t ask for a better combination from a director, or a loved one!
Thank YOU! Tell Eve Ensler you KICKED BUTT! You expressed your unique vision with professionalism, class and poise!