Meet the cast!

Meet the cast of The Vagina Monologues!

Julia Amsterdam is an AEA actress. She holds an MFA in theatre from Sarah Lawrence College, works as a Dating Specialist for the company It’s Just Lunch and is a proud Mom to her 13 year old son Max. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “Where’s the beach!?” her vagina would wear: silk. Shout out to: this incredible cast and crew, especially to Andrea Bertola for her making this happen!!

Justine Beirne sells Manhattan Real Estate while studying graduate-level philosophy and riding in cars with boys. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “Rhinestone.” Her vagina would wear: a Yankees cap. Shout out to: jigG and striggs!

Carolyn Burke is a brooklyn based artist and educator. If her vagina could talk, it would giggle and say, “I like you.” her vagina would wear: soft see-through black lace and BCBG peep-toe pumps. Shout out to: the people that have made gemma happy over the years– she appreciates it!

Sue Day is a life long theatre goer, received a bfa from Adelphi in theatre and now works for corporate America. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “I love you!” her vagina would wear: something pink and sparkly. Shout out to: My wonderful parents, bffs and my one and only, Charles.

Kira Fisher– actor, yoga teacher, vegan baker, Brooklynite. If her vagina could talk, it would say: Namaste. Her vagina would wear: fairy wings. Shout out to: my divine mama!

Dana Blase Fortunado is a singer, actor and a professional starving artist extraordinaire. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “Im sorry..why are you still talking?” Her vagina would wear: oversized sunglasses. Shout out to: the most beautiful woman she knows, and her source of strength, her mother Joanne. Love you mom.

Erica Giglio received her MA in Ed Theatre from NYU and her BFA in Musical Theatre from UB. She currently teaches Musical theatre at a performing arts high school in brooklyn. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “Are you talkin’ to me!?” Her vagina would wear: a tiara. Shout out to: All of the powerful women in my family!

Avel Horn-Muller is from Hollywood, FL. She Lives to Act in NYC. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “seriously brah?!” her vagina would wear: flip flops and baby oil (with SPF of course). Shout out to: To my family and friends, especially my beautifully, hysterical Grandma Hazel. I love you!

Cynthia Keenan is a Villanova Grad/TV producer happily living in NYC. If her vagina could talk, it would say: “I am loved.” Her vagina would wear a blue sequined mermaid costume. Shout out to: my Dad for being able to talk about bras and the gynecologist. I believe Mommy is proud of you.

Quenna Lené just received her BFA from NYU Tisch Drama, yesterday in fact! If her vagina could talk, it would say: “Thank god!” Her vagina would wear: strawberries, and gold tassels.
Tay McEvers would like to thank all the vaginas who made it possible for her to be here today. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “Don’t worry, be happy!” Her vagina would wear: A short party dress. Shout out to: My new fiancé, Kevin!

Frances McGarry is A passionate theater education practitioner, She promotes the arts both in and out of the classroom. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “You know what I want, what I really, really want…” Her vagina would wear: A magenta Carolina Herrera blouse. Shout out to: The love of my life, DON!

Jane Ordway is a COO of Vandenberg, inc –the townhouse experts. she devoted 15 years to fostering women’s rights interna- tionally. Her vagina would wear jeans and a soft t-shirt. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “life after menopause is wonderful.” Shout out to: Dexter, Olivia and Julian, her beloved family.
Jessica Stewart is a singer/actress living and loving in NYC. If her vagina could talk it would say “I love you”. If it could wear anything it would be lace! Shout out to my parents…you guys are the best!

Talia Thelen is an actor/bartender/domestic violence volunteer worker/real estate agent/grad student who enjoys breath- ing in her spare time. If her vagina could talk, it wouldn’t say anything but it would giggle like crazy! My vagina would wear: comfy pants and a white tank . Shout out to: my amazing and supportive boyfriend. My vagina and I both adore you.

Lisa Vasfailo is a teaching artist, actor and dancer working throughout NY and NJ. If her vagina could talk, it would say: “I’m here!” her vagina would wear: a short skirt and some kick-ass boots.

Behind the scenes…

Andrea Bertola– (Director) Andrea’s passion for creativity spans numerous fields including: acting, directing, teaching and website/graphic design. Andrea holds a Masters in Educational Theatre from NYU. If her vagina could talk, it would quote Marilyn Monroe, “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” Her vagina would wear: Leopard Print stilettos. Shout out to: Nanny, it’s been a while since you’ve been able to see one of my shows. I saved you a seat in the front row, Rest in peace.

Lauren Balaban– (Assistant Director) Lauren is no stranger to the NYC scene. She’s a member of SAG, classically trained in voice, theater, and tending bar. Her vagina doesn’t talk, it does karaoke. Her vagina would wear: a big orange sign that says, ‘boop!’ Shout out to: her amazing parents; Dana, Lo and Christine for always having her back; and to our incredible director and longtime friend, Andrea. Congrats to our fierce cast of hot, happy vaginas!

Dee Dee Katchen– (Production Stage Manager) Grew up in Jersey, graduated Ohio State, PSM, P.A. & Educator. If her vagina could talk, it would say, “really people?” Her vagina would wear: Mimi’s costume from ‘out tonight’. Shout out to: the love of my life who drives me crazy and keeps me sane.