I sang on stage with Debbie Gibson!

I thought this picture was “blog worthy”. YES. It is true. Me and Crecca were on stage singing karaoke with DEBBIE GIBSON!  ::Backflips::

Lets state the facts:

1) It was 80’s karaoke night, in a new Karaoke Bar in Time Square.

2) Debbie Gibson was HOSTING karaoke, all night!

3) The only reason why I would go to a bar in Times Square is for Debbie Gibson hosting an 80’s karaoke night.

4) I was with my best friend, and karaoke partner-in-crime, Crecca.

5) Debbie Gibson was my first celeb obsession, and my VERY first concert with my friend, Erica!

6) Crecca and I were Hyperventilating to even be in the same ROOM as Debbie!

7) Debbie called us on stage to sing our song. We picked “I love rock and roll.” (Of course).

8) She touched my shoulder!!!!!

9) Afterwards she came on-stage and asked if we were Debbie Gibson fans.

10) We squealed something incoherent. At an ear spitting pitch.

11) She asked, “Would you like to sing a song with me?”

12) More squealing.

13) She told us we’d have to learn the original dance moves from the original tour.

14) She taught us the moves to “Shake Your Love.”

15) And then we sang back-up to Debbie Gibson. 

16) Crecca and I swore we can now retire as karaoke artists. Our career is complete.

17) Yeah. right. “Only in your dreamsssss.”

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