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According to Google…
“97% of Americans use the Internet to search for local products & services,
but only 52% of NY’s small businesses actually have a website,
making it extremely difficult for online shoppers to find them.”
Specializing in web sites for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Professionals, The New York Website Designer gets the word out about your business and produces the clicks that bring in qualified potential website visitors. Never reticent or retiring, Andrea Bertola enthusiastically brings unexpected online marketing strategies to each of her unique clients.
Under her watch, many of her client’s sites have more than doubled their website hits. Clients have happily expressed that their increased market share springs in part from Andrea’s exceptional search engine optimization (SEO) skills.
As a small business owner, Andrea is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies. She feels honored to be the “go to” gal for small business owners across the country! From the creation of your logo, to business cards, social media sites, blogs and (of course) your website…she strives to be your one-stop-shop for all of your online marketing needs.
When you’re starting up, you need a very clear idea of who your market is and what you want to say to them. Andrea recommends a phased approach to your website, letting you manage cash flow effectively and scale up when you need it. She can give you the essentials first and build on them with the bells and whistles later when you’re a bit more established. This depends on your business though – she’d love to hear what you’ve got in mind.
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The New York Website Designer is a freelance web design company conveniently located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, NY. Andrea Bertola throws herself headfirst into cutting-edge, modern and affordable web designs.

Featured in the Press!

The New York Website Designer’s Clients are frequently featured in the press!
Simply put, your website and online presence helps to tell your story. Whether you need to generate public and media awareness, showcase your accomplishments, connect with your audience or communicate with employees, The New York Website Designer works with you to strategically tailor your message to be both creative and effective. Using a combination of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and other online marketing tools, The New York Website Designerhelps to bring you the website traffic that generates media recognition and a big buzz!The New York Website Designer’s clients are regularly featured in prestigious news outlets such as: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, NY1, CNN, FOX, NBC… and more!

The results speak for themselves….





Brownstone Revival Coalition The New York Times
Preservation Volunteers The New York Times
Jeffrey Cohn The Wall Street Journal
MFD Communications Bloomberg
Frances McGarry GEM MagazineVandenberg The New York TimesVandenberg NBC’s “Open House”
4Boyz Autographs to Battle Autism LAX Lessons
Jeffrey Cohn CNN Money
MFD Communications The Holmes Report
MFD Communications PR Week
Jeffrey Cohn The Wall Street Journal
Preservation Volunteers NY1
Express Medical Transporters Small Business Monthly
4Boyz Autographs to Battle Autism Newsday
Vandenberg New York Observer
Express Medical Transporters Fox Business
Desi Dermatology Health News Digest
Vandenberg The New York Times
Express Medical Transporters
4Boyz Autographs to Battle Autism NY International Independent Film Festival Awards
Express Medical Transporters
Vandenberg New York Observer
Vandenberg The New York Times
Preservation Volunteers NY1
Vandenberg The New York Times
Express Medical Transporters Small Business Monthly
Vandenberg The New York Times
Desi Dermatology Elle Magazine



July 9, 2012 Dr. Mohiba Tareen Fox 9
July 3, 2012 Wm. McBride & Associates The Wall Street Journal
June 26, 2012 Jeffrey Cohn Fox Business
June 13, 2012 Jeffrey Cohn Fox Business
June 5, 2012
May 30, 2012 Jeffrey Cohn CNN May 25, 2012 May 24, 2012 May 18, 2012 April 2012 February 16, 2012 January 23, 2012 October 25, 2011 October 5, 2011 September 28, 2011 September 28, 2011 September 11, 2011 August 2, 2011 August 25, 2011 May 28, 2011 May 27, 2011 May 6, 2011 January 3, 2011 December 24, 2010 October 4, 2010 July 22, 2010 September 20, 2010 September 15, 2010 September 2, 2010 July 27, 2010 March 4, 2010 January 2010 June 12, 2009 June 15, 2008
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Website Launch: Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, Inc.

The New York Website Designer is excited to announce the launch of a new site for WAM Coalition.  The Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, Inc. contacted me for a redesign of their web site and a new logo.
As many of you know, I have a strong background in Theatre and dedicate much of my time to organizations  that promote the involvement of women and girls in the arts. Naturally, this project with the WAM Coalition was close to my heart. I was honored when this highly respected organization contacted me through LinkedIn and asked for my guidance! They wanted the new site and logo to be vibarant, colorful and full of energy. I’m happy to report that their feedback has been full of praise, they are thrilled with the outcome!
About WAM Coalition
Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, Inc.  was organized in 1990, bringing together unions, guilds and professional organizations to work toward the advancement of women in the performing arts and media. The Coalition is a “group of groups” designed to bring together the united strength of our member organizations to address issues of concern to women in theatre, film, music, radio, TV, and all of the arts industries.
Their member organizations include: Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), Dramatists Guild, Inc. (DG), The League of Professional Theatre Women (LPTW), New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT), Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artsts (SAG – AFTRA), Stage Directors & Choreographers Society (SDC), Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE). Affiliate Member Organizations: WomenArts, The Rehearsal Club, The Women’s Media Center (WMC, Women Make Movies (WMM)and Dancers Over 40, Inc. (DO40)
Home Page
Here you will find a list of many features, old favorites and new additions, scroll down menus at the top of the page (globally available from any page), upcoming events, and their perpetually updated Twitter feed.

Calendar of Events

The Calendar of Events has a month by month calendar of events of their member orgs, links to more information on events, both past and present, and a link to submit events.  Members are encouraged to submit their organizational events of interest so WAM Coalition can list them!

Check out the Calendar …

Member Organization Twitter Feeds
Here’s one of the most exciting new pages, the Twitter Feeds of all of Member Orgs in one place!  If a web visitor is logged in to their Twitter account, they can also retweet and reply from this page. By using the sorting list on the left, visitors can find events and news filtered by each of the member organizations.
Check out the Member Org News page…

Networking and Blogging
As visitors check out the site, they will find places to submit announcements of opportunities for artists, job searches, networking opportunities, social media links and a bulletin board.
Check out the Networking page…

The New York Website Designer would like to congratulate WAM Coalition
on the launch of their new site! Best of luck! Enjoy!
Are you looking for a logo, graphic design or website designer?

The New York Website Designer is a freelance web design company conveniently located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, NY. Andrea Bertola throws herself headfirst into cutting-edge, modern and affordable web designs. Specializing in social media, search engine optimization, graphic design, online marketing, web sites for entrepreneurs, start-ups and other professionals. Under her watch, many of her client’s sites have more than doubled their website hits.

New York Website Designer: Logo Designs

I’ve been so busy with new clients, I haven’t had time to update my blog! 2012 is off to a great start and The New York Website Designer has been thrilled to work with a wide variety of Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Professionals! Here are some of the logos I’ve designed. Full stories with details on each project coming soon! For now… enjoy a sneak peek!

New social media icon for Desi Dermatology
Logo Design for WAM Coalition
Logo design for DTE Films
Logo design for Tareen Dermatology
Flier design for Barrio 47
Graphic design for a book proposal
Logo design for World’s Best Mentors
Are you looking for a logo, graphic design or website designer?

The New York Website Designer is a freelance web design company conveniently located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, NY. Andrea Bertola throws herself headfirst into cutting-edge, modern and affordable web designs. Specializing in social media, search engine optimization, graphic design, online marketing, web sites for entrepreneurs, start-ups and other professionals. Under her watch, many of her client’s sites have more than doubled their website hits.

20 Types of Blog Posts

What kinds of posts should I write to get morelinks and traffic?

It’s a question everyblogger asks themselves. Below you will find 20 different types of blog poststhat seem to work wonders on social media while also generating a lot ofgrassroots in-bound links.
1.    Instructional – Instructional posts tell people how to do something. These tendto be the most popular both in the short term (ie loyal readers love them andwill link up to them) but also in the longer term (ie one of the reasons peoplesearch the web is to find out how todo things and if you can rank highly with your tips post you can have trafficover a length of time).
2.   Informational – Thisis one of the more common blog posttypes where you simply give information on a topic. It could be a definitionpost or a longer explanation of some aspect of the niche that you’re writingon.
3.   Reviews – Another highly searchedfor term on the web is ‘review’ – Clientsconsidering buying a new product head to Google and search for a review on itfirst. Reviews come in all shapes and sizes and on virtually every product orservice you can think of. Give your fair and insightful opinion and ask readersfor their opinion – reviews can be highly powerful posts that have a great longevity.
4.   Lists – One of the easiest waysto write a post is to make a list. Posts with content like ‘The Top Ten ways to….’, ‘7 Reasons why….’ ‘ 5 Favorite ….’, ‘53 mistakesthat bloggers make when….’ are not only easy to write but are usually verypopular with readers and with getting links from other bloggers. If you startwith a brief list (each point as aphrase or sentence) and then develop each one into a paragraph or two you’ll endup with a series of posts that lasts you a few days.
5.   Interviews – Sometimes when you’ve runout of insightful things to say it might be a good idea to let someone else dothe talking in an interview (or a guest post). Thisis a great way to not only give yourreaders a relevant expert’s opinion but to perhaps even learn something aboutthe topic you’re writing yourself. One tip if you’re approaching people for aninterview on your blog – don’t overwhelm them with questions. One of two goodquestions are more likely to get you a response than a long list of poorly thought through ones.
6.   Case Studies – Sometimes these are morelike a review post but with some instructional content isadded to them. There are many opportunities to do case studies in differentniches.
7.   Profiles – Profile posts aresimilar to case studies but focus in on a particular person. Pick aninteresting personality in your niche and do a little research on them topresent to your readers. Point out how they’ve reached the position they are inand write about the characteristicsthat they have that others in your niche might like to develop to besuccessful.
8.    Link Posts – The good old ‘link post’ isa favorite of many bloggers and issimply a matter of finding a quality post on another site or blog and linkingup to it either with an explanation of why you’re linking up, a comment on your take on the topic and/or a quotefrom the post. Of course adding your own comments makes these posts moreoriginal and useful to your readers. The more original content the better butdon’t be afraid to bounce off others in thisway.
9.   ‘Problem’ Posts – Another term that is often searched for in Google in conjunction withproduct names is the word‘problems’. This is similar to a review post (above) but focuses moreupon the negatives of a product or service. Don’t write these pieces just forthe sake of them – but if you find a genuine problem with something problemposts can work for you.
10. Contrasting two options – Life is full of decisions between two or more options. Write a postcontrasting two products, servicesor approaches that outlines the positives and negatives of each choice. In asense these are review posts but are a little wider in focus. People actuallysearch for ‘X Product comparison toY Product’ quite a bit.
11. Rant – get passionate, stiryourself up, say what’s on your mindand tell it like it is. Rants aregreat for starting discussion andcausing a little controversy – they can also be quite fun if you do it in theright spirit. Just be aware that they can also be the beginnings of a flamingcomment thread and often it’s in the heat of the moment when we say things thatwe later regret and that can impact our reputation the most.
12. Inspirational – On the flip side to the angry rant (and not all rants have to beangry) are inspirational and motivational pieces. Tell a story of success orpaint a picture of ‘what could be’. People like to hear good news stories intheir niche as it motivates them to persistwith what they are doing. Find examples of success in your own experience orthat of others and spread the word.
13. Research –Research posts can take a lot of time but they can also be wellworth it if you come up with interesting conclusions that inspire people tolink up to you.
14.Collation Posts – These are a strangecombination of research and link posts. In them you pick a topic that you thinkyour readers will find helpful and then research what others have said aboutit. Once you’ve found their opinion you bring together everyone’s ideas (oftenwith short quotes) and tie them together with a few of your own comments todraw out the common themes that you see.
15. Prediction and Review Posts – We see a lot of these at the end and start of the year wherepeople do their ‘year in review’ posts and look at the year ahead and predictwhat developments might happen in their niche in the coming months.
16. Critique Posts – ‘Attack posts’ havealways been a part of blogging. Some people make a name for themselves verywell by attacking others.
17.  Debate –Debates do well on blogs and can either in an organized fashion betweentwo people, between a blogger and‘all comers’ or even between a blogger and… themselves (try it – argue both forand against a topic in one post – you can end up with a pretty balanced post).
18. Hypothetical Posts – A ‘what if’ or hypothetical post can be quite fun. Pick asomething that ‘could’ happen down the track in your industry and begin tounpack what the implications of it would be. ‘What if….Google and Yahoomerged?’ ‘What if …’
19. Satirical –Well written satire or parody can be incredibly powerful and is brilliant for generating links for your blog.
20. Memes and Projects – write a post that somehow involves your readers and gets them toreplicate it in someway. Start a poll,an award, ask your readers to submita post/link or run a survey or quiz. 
Thisis not an exhaustive list but rather just some of the types of posts thatyou might like to throw into your blog’s mix. Not every one will be suitablefor all blogs or bloggers but using more than one format can definitely add alittle spice and color to a blog. Lastly– another technique is to mix two or more of the above formats together– there are no rules so have a bit of fun with it! Happy Blogging!

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